greenmount west film festival
presented by noisy tenants
a collection of films by local film makers
Festival Launching May 2018
Greenmount West Film Festival is a collaboration between Noisy Tenants and SVNCRWNS to spotlight local film makers with community based thmes. We will have 3 screenings leading up to the festival. We held our most recent screening on August 10, 2017 at the Charles Theatre. The following films were featured:
Bus Stop Buddies
Produced by: Noisy Tenants
Run Time: 5:01

Take a peak into Greenmount West's Bus Stop Buddies - A community initiative where adults stand with elementary school aged youth each morning in an effort to provide a positive start to their days.
Pizza Party Tour
Directed by: George Tarrant
Run Time: 5:01

The Pizza Party Tour is a mobile platform in which we strive to simply support those in need. The major distinction that separates our program from other similar initiatives is the personal aesthetic we provide for the event. The Pizza Party Tour, is just that- a party. The concept derives from the childhood memories of when pizza parties were thrown. We all remember the joy and pure fun a pizza party brings.
Directed by: Chavon Henderson
Run Time: 9:58

A short film that chronicles a weekend spent in Brooklyn- with conversations around the media, representation & womanism.
Lom Nava Love
Directed by: Fanon Hill
Run Time: 32:48

Lom Nava Love is the unflinching story of Black families residing in public housing in Baltimore harnessing their strengths to challenge the systems and institutions that would dictate their realities. Lom Nava Love features an original soundtrack written, arranged and produced by Lom Nava Love director Fanon Hill, featuring vocals by Navasha Daya and special guests including Abu The Flutemaker, Kelly Bell, Jonathan Gilmore, Rashad “Hurricane The King” Hawkins, and more.ngs